About Me

I am a Graphic Designer with more than eighteen years’ experience working across a wide range of media in a creative and innovative fashion, delivering a high standard of work even in the most challenging circumstances regardless of tight deadlines.

I have experience in conceptualising on a Mac or layout pad, I am able to manage the progress of each job efficiently, from conceptualisation through to finished artwork. I am also highly organised, self-motivated, and have a keen eye for detail, ensuring all of the projects and assignments entrusted to me are completed on time and to full specification.

I have been involved in many successful pitches for new business, I have good client and business development skills and I’m always on the lookout for innovative ways of enhancing delivery standards for the businesses I work with.

I work well within a team and enjoy the process of teamwork, seeing people work as effectively as possible towards the desired business objective is especially satisfying. I like to see everything come together at the end of the day.

I am a hard worker and a very good communicator. I also pride myself on being able to work quickly and effectively.