Marassi Al Bahrain Pitch

To Develop a brand campaign showcasing Marassi Al Bahrain. A new waterside development in Bahrain that features a great mix of residential, commercial, leisure and boating facilities. We successfully went on to win the pitch!


Working closely with my Creative Director we came up with the concept “full of life” expressing Marassi Al Bahrain was a fusion of life experiences and turning the development into 4 sectors. Promenade Playground (entertainment) Coastline Chic (fashion) Quayside Discovery (waterfront) and Escape Central (nature). This concept also worked well on a strategic level, for example the Coastline Chic sector could be featured in GQ where as the Quayside Discovery sector could be featured in the Boat Owner Middle East. The mosaic design treatment for the images is carried out throughout all the designs and even the website as we wanted to mirror the full of life concept.