Lookfantastic Q4 Campaign

As lead creative I was tasked with coming up with a 360 degree campaign for Q4. We only had the campaign title which was Beauty in Wonderland but really needed to see how we could spin the traditional fairytale into a more modern way as it still needed to feel current and premium.


One of the first things we looked at was The Beauty Advent, which is lookfantastic’s most popular product. I wanted to collaborate with an illustrator to recreate a bank of illustrations that could be used throughout the campaign and also a master scene which could be used on the inside of the Advent. These were illustrated in a victorianna style, giving it a timeless quality as I was conscious I didn’t want it to look too childish. This Scene was then used as the blue prints for our first Christmas commercial featuring 12 of Lookfantastic’s influencers. Packaging, online advertising, custom merchandise and emailers were all integral parts in this campaign. It was a collaborative effort from a large team within the hut group and was a great experience.