Regis Campaign

Regis Salons always believe in making sure the customer always goes away feeling confident & looking great so I wanted to develop a campaign mirroring this & showcasing their 5 new hair trends at the same time, targeting mainly women aged 25-50.


Life by you, Hair by Regis came about because we wanted to convey that living your life should be an empowering movement and Regis is here to make you feel confident and look great along the way. With this campaign I was told by my Creative Director to invent 5 totally different characters from scratch, four women and one man. This was to include where they work, eat and shop, right down to what car they drive. Once developed I started to look for people who represented these characters in the public eye. This in turn helped me bring the characters to life. Poppy Delevingne became my party girl, and Marion Cotillard became the Classic Bob.